Photo by C. Phiv

-The movement of attraction and repulsion, of fascination and disgust, is the key to interpret my work. I search always something to do with this movement. The things around us can be beautiful at first glance, then you perceive a horrible and latent violence which is ready to be unveiled at any time.

-This is not a simple observation of the pathology, but the suggestions of new possibilities which are organics and liberated from the tyranny of body’s limits. I want to introduce a moral dilemma which obliges us to go to in a uncertain territory between the absolute horror (such as loss of it’s own identity) and the fascination born from the sublime contemplation out of taboos.

-Organic Recycling. My paintings contains inside like monstrous newborns, the remains of dead bodies or parts of works by other artists, in hysteria procreative way.

-Conflict between the ideality and the reality.I want to arouse the amazement from the viewer, and make them doubt of what they see and make it impossible to define. The allusions and the ways I use the symbols in my paintings are all a violent intrusion. They are at the same level of body metamorphosis, and almost more terrible according to its cultural and symbolic consequences.

-I am interested in contradictions, especially those who never stop to amaze me: the inherent contradiction of the human nature, capable of the worst atrocities and the most sublime creations.

-I immerse myself with pleasure into an utopia to create images who have the greatest plastic autonomy and, at the same time, they have allusions and appropriations from the origin of the creation.

-Art is not for me a mirror of the social existence, but a language used to create a new reality or an artificial form.

Daniel Arroyo


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