Concept about his works

Dani with his works

Spanish painter, he now lives and works in Taipei.

He is interested in contradictions, especially those who never stop to amaze him : the inherent contradiction of the human nature, capable of the worst atrocities and the most sublime creations.

In his recent works, he continues his exploration to the uncanny in daily life. He tries to reveal the existence of the hidden reality where it merges with the sacred and the banality, the gods and the human beings. His works reminds us that there are always beauty and grotesque, pain and pleasure while reaching the transcendence.

結束巴塞隆那大學及巴黎高等美術學院的學業之後,Daniel Arroyo決定來台灣定居。從他的作品中,可以觀察到歐洲傳統畫派對他的影響,同時也能看見他對於亞洲文化及圖像符號的高度興趣。




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